Information About Our Extended Auto Warranty Service Plans

Did you know that Texas Vehicle Exchange offers extended service plans for the vehicles that we sell?

If you have shopped at our dealership in the past, you’ll recall that we have two main inventories of vehicles. Our first is a used inventory featuring used SUVs, cars, and trucks from about 20 automakers, on average, including everything from American-made pickup trucks and muscle cars to high-end luxury import cars or economically priced family or commuter vehicles.

The second inventory at our dealership is composed of the custom Jeeps and SUVs that we specialize in building with lifted suspensions, high-performance engine parts, and stylish paint jobs or interior overhauls.

Thus, our dealership in Carrollton, Texas, is a little bit different from your standard car dealer in Dallas or Plano.

For example, when you buy a new car at a traditional dealership, that vehicle typically comes with a warranty from the automaker that manufactured it. We do not sell new cars at Texas Vehicle Exchange. Instead, we sell used and custom vehicles.

Now, since we do world-class modifications on our custom Jeeps and SUVs, you can trust that we have talented and knowledgeable mechanics on staff here. We inspect every used car or Jeeps that we sell to ensure it is in top working order for you.

However, since you are ultimately purchasing a used car with no warranty from the original manufacturer, what guarantee do you have that the vehicle we sell you is in good condition and will last you for a long time? We may be an honest dealership that has received excellent reviews regarding our inventory and customer service, but we are also realistic and want to look out for your best interests. That is why we offer extended service plans.

What is an Extended Service Plan?

An extended service plan is meant to reduce any future repair costs for the vehicle that you purchase from us.

Each service plan is different, and finding the option that works best for you is a matter of discussing your situation with our own Joseph Higgins, the service expert at Texas Vehicle Exchange.

It is also important to mention that each extended service plan is a third-party agreement. In other words, the coverage you receive concerning protection against future repair costs on your vehicle is provided by a third-party company with which our dealership has a relationship. Rather than having to find an extended service plan on your own, you get to take advantage of our relationships with the providers of such plans, thus giving you more options at better prices.

To learn more about the benefits of having a service plan, which can include roadside assistance, parts replacements, or rental vehicle compensation, just to name a few possible advantages, please contact Joseph Higgins at 972-242-5377. You can also visit our location at 1724 Luna Road in Carrollton, Texas 75006, near Dallas and Plano.

We look forward to discussing our available extended service plans with you as well as introducing you to our two impressive inventories of used and custom vehicles in Carrollton today!